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How to Start a blog in 2022

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Looking for a hobby to do in your free time that could lead to extra income down the road? Many employed and stay at home mothers have turned to blogging for this exact reason! While it can seem daunting or overwhelming to get started, with a little bit of patience and forethought, you can be blogging in no time! Ready to get started? Here’s a quick guide to starting a blog in 2022.


What is a Blog?

While many of us know what a blog is by now, it’s not always clear what all it entails! To put it simply, a blog is a website that is regularly updated with casual writing by an individual. It has become a great way for people to share their thoughts and insight on various topics with a community! Understanding blogs and what you plan to use yours for is the first step in your blogging journey!


Finding Your Niche

You’ve likely run across a vast number of blogs during your time online – they can be focused on fashion, travel, cooking, life experiences, or just about anything you can imagine! While it’s not necessary, starting a successful blog often requires you to pick your niche, or your main focus. Are you a stay at home mom who wants to share her expertise in raising little's at home? How about a novice chef who wants to share their favorite recipes with the rest of the cooking world?

Make a list of all the topics you feel passionate about, and then narrow down the list until you feel confident with your choice!

Examples of Niches:

  • Lifestyle

  • Fashion

  • Fitness

  • Gamer

  • Travel

  • Vegan Baking


Choosing a Name for Your Blog

The next step can be one of the hardest! Choosing a name for your blog is important – you want to make sure it’s memorable and gives an idea of what you’ll be sharing with your readers. It can be as simple as your first and last name, or it can be a few keywords that hint at what you’ll be discussing, like mine!

While you can change the name down the road if you want, it’s best to spend some time curating the perfect title earlier rather than later!


Choosing a Blog Platform

This is where many hopeful bloggers start to get lost – choosing the platform for your blog. There are so many options out there, and they range from completely customizable to those with ready-made templates. Instead of getting lost in the weeds, I highly recommend using Wix!

Wix is a free website builder that is amazing for beginners, as it takes you step by step in creating your blog! You’ll start by setting up the website, and then use the editor to build out your blog one step at a time! Talk about simple! (There are costs once you want to upgrade and purchase your own domain etc)


Setting Up Your Blog’s Design

Many website and blog builders offer ready-made templates for you to use. If you choose to go with Wix, you’ll find so many stunning and modern templates to choose from, and most can be edited to best fit your needs!


If you still don’t find what you need, you can often outsource your search for templates or blog design to a site like Etsy. Here you can find other ready-made templates for you site builder, or you can enlist the help of a graphic designer to make a custom template just for you!


Legally Protecting Your Blog and Business

This is arguably the most important step for those planning to use their blog for income, but is often the one most overlooked! Navigating the legal world seems intimidating, but you’ll want to protect yourself whether you’re planning to work with brands, using photos that may not be your own and more. Copyright infringement is not a fun problem to have!


If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the process, consider a Legal Bundle for Bloggers like this one! Created by a lawyer for bloggers specifically, this bundle includes all the agreements, contracts, and stipulations you may need. No confusion involved!

If you want to begin with simply a disclaimer first, you can purchase your legal disclaimer here


Promoting Your Blog

So you’ve built your blog, set your agreements in place to protect it, and have started writing! Congratulations!


But before you sit back and watch those page views roll in, make sure you get the word out about your blog!

Share to your own social media and family and friends, but also make sure to share to other social communities!

Facebook offers so many communities and groups under every topic umbrella! For example, I focused on motherhood and photography Facebook groups to promote my blog. This is a great place to start finding your very own community of followers!


And there you have it! The quick guide to getting started with blogging in 2022. By putting the work in ahead of time, you’ll have less to worry about in the future, and can focus on just watching your blog grow! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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