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Introduction to Gracefully Caffeinated Mama

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Hello! My name is Serina Batista. Welcome to my very first official blog post as Gracefully Caffeinated Mama (G.C.M) ! An ongoing project which I am so excited to share with you.

For those who are new and don't know me, I'm a mother, published author, photographer and a teacher. I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Arizona and have called it home all my life.

Why did I start my blog?

Ever since I can remember as a child, I've always loved the concept of creating. I have so many ideas yet I always lacked on proper time management and simply finding the motivation to make it happen.

I've realized, now as an adult...the future is a concept, it doesn't exist. Meaning, your world around you will not provide the time you need to get started on your desires.

This has been a hard pill to swallow. I always find myself waiting for the right time, when in reality, It is up to me, to catch the moment and make it right.

I have become completely consumed with inspiration to create a blog that defines me, which is how Gracefully Caffeinated Mama was created. I have finally found my spark to begin rather than putting it aside hoping it will somehow magically create itself.

Who is Gracefully Caffeinated Mama for?

For my first blog post I want to give you an idea of what you will expect to see here.

Myself as the Gracefully Caffeinated Mama, will be a little bit of everything – topics from motherhood, traveling, coffee, product reviews, favorites, and just daily thoughts and things.

I am hoping for you to tag along and subscribe to see what is to be created from here on out!

My Goal.

I hope to create an engaged community and make an impact in any way possible. Not only to share my personal experiences, but also to collaborate with others to make a difference, for fun and for purpose, altogether.

Another goal for Gracefully Caffeinated Mama, is for all of my readers to find daily inspiration, useful advice, a new favorite product, and relatable and helpful content.

Feel free to reach out if you are interested in any collaborations! We can make it happen.

Read more about me here.


I just wanted to say thank you SO much for just being here and reading my first blog post. I am so grateful for my readers already and hope you continue to follow along! Please leave me any ideas or things you would like to see here! Also, remember to join my e-mail newsletter to be notified of new posts. Thanks again, friends!

I would love to know more about you! Leave me a comment down below letting me know a bit about you and what you hope to see here. I can’t wait to connect with you all!

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