Sanitizing your life after a breakup

Updated: Sep 30

There’s no way around it – breakups are hard. Whether the relationship was short or long-term, it can feel like your life has been set off course when it ends. I've held off having a relationship as a single mom for this specific reason. .

In reality, no matter what is thrown our way, life doesn't pause for us. If you're a single parent like I am, we are moms before we are women. With that being said, we need to recollect our emotions and heal for our children as quickly as possible.

But maybe instead of looking at a breakup as the end, we should try looking at them as a fresh start. A time to reset our life, so we can focus on our own healing and journey. Here are a few great ways to regroup and sanitize your life after a breakup!

De-clutter What You No Longer Need

First and foremost, it’s time to get rid of their belongings and things that remind you of them! Start by packing all their things in a box, and getting it ready for them to pick up. Next, toss out or store away any mementos. There’s nothing wrong with keeping small items of sentimental value, but by storing it away, you’re no longer dwelling on those memories during your healing process.

Don’t stop there! If you’re already cleaning your space, take a little extra time to do that other de-cluttering you keep meaning to get around to. Take gently used items to your local thrift store, or list on Facebook Marketplace for some extra cash. You’ll be surprised how great you feel after a little “spring” cleaning!

Reorganize Your Space

Now that you’ve de-cluttered, it’s time to reclaim your home! Whether you were living with your ex or not, you likely made room for them throughout your space. Consider that extra space in your closet and kitchen cabinets – can you better use those areas?

Visit an organization store like the Container Store to stock up on all the best organization tools, dividers, tubs, and more! You’ll have your home looking like professionals designed it in no time!

Lately I've been finding nice finds at DD's and even the dollar tree for organizational home items!

Get Rid of the Photos

We get it, photos are great representations of memories! But if those memories are no longer sweet, it might be time to get rid of them or tuck them away.

Update your backgrounds and wallpapers to reflect something calming or motivating, so you get a jump-start every time you look at your phone!

If your photo obsessed like I am, this was very difficult to do, so many memories were captured and it felt bittersweet to erase them, due to the memories that were cherished at the moment.

Un-follow (Trust Me, It’s Necessary!)

Social media can be a constant reminder of what everyone else is doing, and if you’re focusing on you, that won’t help! The last thing you need is a reminder of what your ex is up to. Keep temptation to check on them at bay by unfollowing them!

And don’t stop there – unfollow any of their family members or friends you may have added throughout the relationship. You don’t need the reminders, and they don’t need insight into your life. So go on, click that unfollow button!

It's always difficult to do this when the family was nothing but good hearted. Break ups are always harder when family is involved.

Adjust Your Daily Routines

A breakup can drastically change your day to day routines – whether you’re used to texting throughout the day, talking on the phone, or meeting each night for dinner, after a breakup you’ll have to readjust.

Instead, take this time to build out a daily routine that suits you. Maybe that means a workout or a jog first thing in the morning, followed by a great cup of coffee. Or maybe it means a long soak in the bathtub while you read each night before bed. Whatever it is that brings you joy, incorporate that into your daily life!

Get Back Into Your Hobbies

Relationships can put your hobbies on hold, as you spend so much time with another person. The end of that relationship can be a great time to dive back into those hobbies. Not only will it take your mind off any negative feelings, but hobbies teach us a lot about ourselves!

No longer interested in your past hobbies? Pick up a new one! There are so many fun activities out there, and joining group hobbies can be a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Maybe start a blog!

Start a Journal

Self-awareness is the new black! But really, journaling has become quite a movement lately, and for good reason. When feelings are overwhelming, journaling daily can help you process those feelings and break down the cause of them.

Writing all your thoughts down is not only therapeutic, but also helps you learn so much more about yourself, the way you think, and any goals you might want to start reaching for. Now is the time!

No matter what keeps you moving forward after a breakup, stick with it! It’s not the end of the world, just a shift toward something better. I hope this helps you sanitize your life and find the light at the end of the tunnel!